At the Antimicrobial Discovery Center, we are always looking for talented PhD students who can contribute skills and knowledge towards our research endeavors

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We are always looking for PhD students who would like to contribute to our lab’s work!

Currently no open positions for Research Scientist role.

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Postdoctoral Research Associate – Antibiotic Discovery

About the opportunity:

We are seeking a creative scientist with a background in natural products and/or microbiology to work on an antibiotic discovery project. The successful applicant will join a team of talented researchers at the Antimicrobial Discovery Center. Several drug lead candidates came out of our lab – ADEP (Conlon et al., Nature 2013); teixobactin (Ling et al., Nature 2015); darobactin (Imai et al., Nature 2019; Hundeep et al., Nature 2021), hygromycin A (Leimer et al., Cell 2021). We recently developed a microfluidics-based platform for antibiotic discovery that identifies attractive hits prior to chemical characterization. In combination with the ability to grow uncultured bacteria (Ling et al., Nature 2015), this gives us a virtually unlimited access to untapped biodiversity.

The appointment will be for a minimum of 2 years with possible extension, starting immediately. Competitive salary commensurate with experience, and a package of benefits.


  • Assist in initiating, executing, and completing research and experiments
  • Prepare and write research papers, presentations, grant proposals, etc
  • Laboratory management
  • Train graduate students

We are not currently seeking any additional research assistants or student volunteers at this time.

Currently no open positions for Research Technician role.